Train A Group Of Camp Counselors To Handle Medical Emergencies


Campers are prone to minor injuries during hiking trips or overnight stays in the woods. Keeping emergency supplies on hand and training your staff members to assess and treat injuries will ensure that camp members receive the care that they need in a timely and efficient manner.

Determine The Supplies Needed

Basic first aid supplies, including gauze, oral or topical pain relievers, antibacterial ointment, and first aid tape should always be kept on hand, but additional medical supplies may be needed if the campers are going to be exposed to conditions that increase the danger level that they are normally faced with.

If the campers will be learning how to use tools that have sharp edges or if they could accidentally touch a poisonous plant while they are exploring, then tourniquets, thick compresses, ice packs, and rash ointment are some additional first aid supplies that should be readily available.

If you currently assess the incident reports that have been prepared by your staff members, read over the details of any injuries to determine what types of incidents are the most prevalent. Purchase an increased amount of the medical supplies that are in high demand for the injuries that are listed in the reports. 

Provide Training And Field Guides

All of the camp counselors who are hired should be trained to handle emergency situations before being allowed to monitor a group of campers. Provide the training sessions in a classroom setting and administer routine testing to ensure that each employee has mastered the first aid skills that have been introduced.

Purchase field guides and give one to each counselor. Require the counselors to read over the material in the guides. Discuss any of the information that you believe is the most important or that you think should be clarified so that the counselors comprehend it. The field guides will help the counselors navigate through the wilderness and identify potentially dangerous areas.

Disperse And Restock Kits

Give one fully-stocked first aid kit to each counselor and require the counselors to keep the first aid restock kits within reach during outings where accidents could occur. Tell the counselors that you would like them to keep accurate records of the medical supplies that they use on a weekly basis. Tally up the number of each type of supply that has been used so that you can restock the kits as needed.

By having the numbers of the items used on a routine basis, you will have a fairly accurate idea of how many supplies you will need to purchase. This restocking method will prevent issues with running out of items and needing to leave the camp to purchase the first aid supplies from a retailer. 


8 August 2018

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