Know How A Walk-In Clinic Can Provide Healthcare For You And Your Family


You may prefer a family doctor for routine checkups or to treat chronic conditions, there are times a walk-in clinic is useful too. If you're not sick enough to warrant a visit to an emergency room but you don't want to wait on a scheduled visit to your family doctor, then a walk-in clinic is perfect. Here are some services they can provide.

Lab Tests And X-Rays

If you have a walk-in clinic near you, become familiar with the services they provide. Each facility may be somewhat different, so you want to know where to go if you are injured and think you might need an X-ray or if you're sick and think you might need bloodwork. Some clinics can do lab tests right away so you don't have to wait days for the results. This could be helpful if you're anxious to verify a pregnancy test, want to find out if you have strep throat, or need to see if pneumonia shows up on an X-ray.

Subscribe And Provide Medications

The doctor at a walk-in clinic can prescribe medications for your illness just like your regular doctor can, but the difference is that the clinic may even fill the prescription for you before you leave. This is a huge help if you have a respiratory infection and feel weak or short of breath and don't feel like stopping at a pharmacy on your way home.

Perform Treatments And Examinations

A walk-in clinic doctor can provide a full medical examination for an illness you may be having. They can also treat injuries from a fall or accident. If you're seriously hurt or sick, you may need to go to an ER, but the clinic doctor can treat you for a variety of acute problems. The doctor can also perform routine work and sports physicals. Going to a walk-in clinic is convenient because you don't need to make an appointment. If you wake up sick, you can go to the clinic right away. Plus, clinics usually have longer operating hours, so it's easier to get medical care after work or in the evening.

A walk-in clinic that's open on weekends could be a lifesaver if your kids get sick or you injure yourself in the kitchen and need a few stitches. A visit to a clinic is likely to go quicker and be less stressful and less expensive than going to an emergency room. Plus, if you go to a clinic that's in your healthcare network, insurance may cover part of the cost.


7 June 2019

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